Kunming land supply ushered in a small peak 3 land market prospects

urban expansion, the use of land is more and more. Kunming recent turnover in the above has a lot of growth, and stakeholders on the 3 plots of land market to do a detailed analysis.

in the last 3 years, the largest land promotion will be held, Kunming (real estate) land supply in the two quarter ushered in a small peak. As of Wednesday, the Kunming municipal land and Resources Bureau information shows that in May, Kunming plans to launch 6 land market, plans to reach an area of more than 25 square meters. A comprehensive land which is located in the District of Wuhua heilinpu Street office, Phuket Street office is located at the junction of the starting price of more than 200 million yuan.

4 month land

turnover rose 46 times over the same period

continued in March the land market rebound, April Kunming land growth significantly, in the first month the first land transactions, the total turnover of nearly 1 billion 300 million yuan finally. Although there is no other land transactions, but from the Kunming Bureau of land and resources data, April turnover of 7 land transactions, a total area of 402.91 acres, an increase of 691.23%, the chain also go up by 269%; and turnover totaled 1 billion 293 million 8 thousand and 731 yuan, an increase of 46 times, rose 434.30% (April 2015 only 27 million 550 thousand yuan turnover) the 7 land sale; no unsold, are the opening price.

from the market in recent years, 3, April is not the peak season for land supply, especially in the last year under the influence of the environment, land supply is reduced to freezing point. This year, the local real estate developers to increase confidence, but also prompted a significant increase in the supply side. Kunming land and Resources Bureau data show that in 1 and February, the total area of Kunming for more than a total of more than 1000 acres, of which in January reached a total of 1551 acres. The transaction, in February to 2 billion 611 million yuan in the final volume, hit a single month in recent years, the highest turnover.

"at the end of last year, housing prices in the Kunming market brands continue to take, but also stimulate the local land transactions rising." Industry analysis, data from the past few months, the transaction amount is also expected to continue to expand. In a deal in April, of which 3 were located in the Xishan District avant-garde Street office block, transaction price of 780 million yuan in Yunnan Long Yu Real Estate Development Company Limited.

this year, the overall turnover of

continuation uplink

4 16, held at the land to promote the meeting, the scene of a total of nearly acres of land to the market to promote public. The meeting information display, the near future there will be 4 land market: including Temple Road tile recommended

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