Small fat cat which support join

do not know if you have not seen a TV drama called "fat cat family", this touching story has been encouraging everyone optimistic look ahead. Xiao Bian today to join this project to recommend the ran with the story is not what relationship, but with the help of "fat cat" two words will give people a warm feeling, that is small fat cat.

Guangzhou Tao Tao Catering Management Co., Ltd. has a professional operation and management team of more than and 100 people, including dozens of experienced food and beverage management experience of professional managers and authoritative nutrition analyst. The company’s brand "fat cat facet" chain store main characteristics of pasta, snacks and drinks are.

currently has a fat cat facet to open more than and 50 stores in the major city and region, it won the love and praise of the majority of customers to the new fashion store image, perfect service system and delicacy products. The company has perfect training system, the integration of modern catering management mode and management concept, to actively explore the steady pace, combined with the advantages of brand alliance, output management technology and other projects, in the leading fashion delicacy and help more entrepreneurs to join the dream of success.

join support:

new product development support

R & D center powerful new listing support, let you shop product update, let the customer business continue to linger.

regional security support

headquarters strictly control the region, to protect the interests of franchisees, the contract does not develop within the region second.

core technology support

nationally renowned master of food and beverage to provide you with the core products of the production of technical training, so you have the advantage of the core technology.

system training support

senior operations consultant to provide you with a full range of 360 brand operation training courses, so you become a food and beverage industry experts.

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