How to strengthen the management of nternet banking in Anhui

with the advent of the Internet, in life is indeed brought us great convenience, but in the online investment banking operations, there is still a greater risk. P2P network lending, equity congregation, third party payment business…… These are touted by the Internet financial products will be further standardized management. Recently, the office of the Anhui provincial government of Anhui province "the Internet regulation of financial risk special plan", decided to carry out the Internet financial risk rectification work, focusing on the P2P network lending and equity to raise public business, asset management and cross-border Internet development in the financial business, the third party payment business and the financial sector of the Internet advertising behavior.

it is understood that the implementation of the rectification work will be completed in mid November 2016. Anhui province will be completed in all areas and cities and rectify the situation for approval before the end of January 2017.

equity congregation raised platform shall not be real shares of debt or disguised fund-raising

according to the "plan" requirements, the P2P network lending platform should hold the bottom line of the law and policy of the red line, the implementation of information intermediary nature, may establish a pool of funds, not loans, not illegal fund-raising, not to protect themselves from the financial, instead of the customer promised guaranteed insurance rates and maturity mismatch, limited resolution, false propaganda, the fictional subject, not through fiction, exaggerated financing project revenue prospects of false derived by people, in addition to credit information collection and verification, tracking the credit credit management business pledge, shall not engage in the line marketing.

at the same time, the platform to raise public shareholding shall publish false targets, not self, not Ming shares of real debt or in raising funds, should strengthen the financing platform to raise public shareholding disclosure protection obligations and the rights of shareholders, shall not make false statements and misleading propaganda.

program clear, P2P network lending platform and the platform to raise public shareholding without approval, shall not engage in asset management, debt or equity transfer, high risk securities market with capital and other financial services. The P2P network lending platform and platform to raise public equity should follow the principle of professional operation, the customer funds and its own funds to implement account management, strictly implement the third party custody of customer funds, banking financial institutions comply with the conditions as funds depository institutions, the protection of customer funds shall not be diverted or Jin Anquan, take customer capital.

in addition, the real estate development companies, real estate intermediary agencies and financial institutions such as the Internet has not obtained the relevant financial qualifications, and shall not make use of the P2P network lending platform and platform to raise public shareholding in the real estate finance business; obtain related financial qualifications, shall carry out illegal real estate finance related business. Enterprises engaged in real estate financial business shall comply with the relevant provisions of the macro-control policies and real estate financial management. Regulate the Internet "to raise the public to buy real recommendation

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