Chengdu will start the national innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples week

today is known as the "double" era, innovation is the economic development issues can not be ignored. As a seven seat venue hosted one of the popular activities of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chengdu, many entrepreneurs become the ideal of "the land of abundance".

10 14, "Tianfu venture · Jing Rong Hui Silicon Valley special events held in the Silicon Valley of the United states. This is the second in February this year, the municipal Party committee and municipal government to further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ", the first in the country to start the implementation of the" entrepreneurial action plan, launched the "Tianfu" venture Tianfu · after the Ching Rong Hui "brand, Silicon Valley and Chengdu, cross-border dialogue two innovative city.

this character of the city, in the "double" of the present era, still inherit and improve. The municipal government attaches great importance to the public venture, the highly innovative work. Since this year, Chengdu actively implement the central and provincial Party Committee on public innovation major deployment, launched the first in the country to start a project "Tianfu" action plan, efforts to stimulate the creativity of the whole society business vitality, vigorously to create eco innovation and entrepreneurship, build the new normal economic development of the new engine, the city of innovation and entrepreneurship has become increasingly active, public business, the innovation and speed up the formation of "situation," the city of entrepreneurship and innovation are the "city brand is increasingly loud, Chengdu successfully approved the" national Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base city ", also known as the" 3+2 "(Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu + Wuhan) entrepreneurial base city.

10 19, "national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week" will be officially launched. During the week, the city selected a total of 7 cities as a venue, Chengdu became one of the 1/7, which is the motivation and attention to Chengdu. October Chengdu, the "double" liaoyuan. Liaoyuanzhishi, is to become "city of entrepreneurship and innovation are" long time.

create new

engine under the new norm

and further promote the "entrepreneurial Tianfu" action plan

7 18, "Chengdu Tianfu venture cyanine · sinks; Zhongguancun" activities started in Beijing Zhongguancun business street, the aim of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu’s most vibrant high-tech zone of Chengdu, for the first time released venture Tianfu flagship project layout Chengdu a square ".

the hundreds of thousands of square meters flagship project, has not yet been officially released will not reflect the first hot "attracted all domestic and international science and technology incubator, venture capital industry attention, one of which is 36 krypton.

"the recruitment of personnel in the first time, F delivery, we will build 2000 square Recommendation Approach

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