From the life to create an extraordinary wealth of toys on the sale of wealth story

toys sold on the pounds?! yes, you heard me right now is to buy Stationery on the pounds, but also achieved great success, now Xiaobian together to share with you a successful business guy in Lanxi Teng Joan sold toys


two failed to start again

due to work relatively empty, have money, want to own business Teng joan. When he went to work at a toy factory in Guangdong relatives learned that some toy manufacturers to deal with inventory toys sold on the pounds, decided to do the toy business. Salesman for many years, how to open the market for a product. Now, to many customers often early in the morning to grab his toy, he sent a week from the factory goods cannot meet the demand.

The three big business on the pounds sold by


puerile. Teng Qiong said that the toys on the pounds wholesale profit is very low, some is flat out into the flat or slightly deficient, rely mainly on sales. Take Bobbi doll, the ex factory price of 15 yuan a kilogram, each box of 35 yuan freight, and a box of toys only 17.5 kg (2.5 kg box according to the price of toys, this count > count)

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