How to identify the pitfalls of food and beverage franchise

network has now become an important channel for countless people to find information, however, such a channel information content is very mixed, so that it is difficult to identify. In this context, as venture capitalists, if you want to choose a good business opportunity, naturally also need to do a good job identification. So, how to join the food and beverage from the network to identify the trap?

with the development of the information age, the network has become our indispensable part, more and more people used the network selection of investment projects, but the network is a virtual world, an inattentive investors are likely to fall into the crooks carefully set the trap, a waste of money and energy. Xiaobian teach you how to identify "from the network publicity catering to join the" trap.

1. How to join the restaurant is found by investors

investors looking for food and beverage to join the brand, generally through three channels:


1, search engine in Baidu, Google, soso, major website search engine hit "catering to join" and "join the diet" and "wonton join" and "fast food franchise"…… Key words. You will find many catering franchise brand in the right, top left, bottom left (where a sponsor links, promotion link) to text links (title + site promotion) way, click into the page or after quickly understand the official website. In addition, the top 10 Baidu search is paid promotion.

2, special merchants website: such as a variety of industry network, China 3158 rich join network, 28 network, u88 network business opportunities to join join beyond count and one of the website. Food and beverage to join the brand will be text links, picture links, animation links, appear in the various categories of the layout, the more prominent the location of the former, the higher the cost of advertising.

3 and other various websites: patch, suspension, get in by every opening fixed image ads, text link.

is here to remind you: do not think that advertising ranking will appear, the higher the frequency, said the brand mature and high popularity, this only shows that the brand leader is hit a lot of advertising visual bombing, and strive to capture the human eye in the shortest time.

two, how to identify the massive information from the network

21 in the information age, information network has become the most abundant, fast and convenient channels through the network, choose a restaurant franchise brand investors need to have a pair of piercing eye to the authenticity, here to teach you the recipe is mainly aimed at the elimination of hainan.

1, mature food and beverage brands have their own official website.

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