Black pig farming can bring high benefit

in the zoo, you can see many of the small animal, which is one of them, a lot of people want to have a lovely dolphins, but certainly not so good to get the dolphin is a kind of dead animal, and dolphins, loved by everyone, so what are the benefits of black pig breeding then, look at it!

1. raised houses: after 1 males and 2 females into 1 groups, a total of 100 species of dolphin group, using three-dimensional cage, need 44 square meters of houses. Use idle homes or housing renovation, can also be erected around the house space. If in the open space on the cover, to the cement floor summer heat, winter can be a good warm.

2. cage: feeding 100 groups need to build a cube breeding cage 104. Design for each column 13, 4 layers of 52, a total of two columns of 104. Each specification is 50 cm wide, the first to the high level of 45 cm, a layer of 30 cm to the depth of the first to the fourth layer were 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm, and 65 cm, respectively, to a depth of fourth cm.

3. born, double insulation box: 104, the board, placed in the cage two question, specifications for the 25 cm wide and 5 cm deep, 35 cm high at. The box around the bottom of One divides into two., open a hole for being out of.

4. in the pool and pool: pool height is 45 cm, can be built around cement board assembly or brick. In pool 3, used to feed weaned calves, an area of 1.5 square meters, a 30 cm wide insulation groove is arranged on one side of the pool, insulation groove isolation wall at the bottom of 2 ~ 3 a circular hole is communicated, for being out of. Large pool 3, used for breeding and meat products dolphin dolphin, constructed with pool area of 2 square meters, insulation groove widening to 35 cm. The internal

1.: the breeding room of 44 square meters, 80 yuan per square meter, a total of 3520 yuan.

2. cage: 104, each 12 yuan, a total of 1248 yuan.

3. born, double insulation box: 104, each 6 yuan, a total of 624 yuan.

4. breeding pool: pool 3, each of 30 yuan, a total of $90; large pool of 3, each $50, a total of 150 yuan. A total of 240 recommended

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