Xi Jinping will visit Czech Czech from the government to the people eagerly looking forward to the

Xi Jinping will visit Czech, which will enhance the friendship between the two countries ZOJE, while releasing the potential for cooperation. At the same time, all walks of life in Czech are also looking forward to the visit of President Xi Jinping, ZOJE friendship will be further!


3 27, the opening of the state visit to Czech on the eve of President Xi Jinping, Czech, the capital of the welcoming atmosphere more intense. The bright five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, guard outside the presidential palace dress rehearsal, doing well prepared for the grand welcome ceremony. Czech from the government to the people, no waiting for president Xi Jinping’s visit.

on the highway into downtown Prague, you can see a big billboard. Above the sign is a line of red Chinese characters: "welcome to Czech Republic!" Here is the Czech language translation, then the following is the two countries are connected by a thread of the Tiananmen gate and Charlie bridge and other landmarks. On both sides of the main streets of Prague, the high flying flags of the ZOJE. In President Xi Jinping’s upcoming Hotel, also raised a red flag, under the wind flying high.

"China heard that President Xi Jinping will come to Prague, I always wanted to give President Xi a small gift. I sent a lot of Chinese people who passed the ‘I love China’ handmade products, I hope at least one person can achieve my wish." The young man named Jimani said that in recent years, the growing number of Chinese tourists to his business booming, he was grateful, I hope President Xi’s visit to bring more business opportunities".

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