We need to control the success of a successful business

many people will love unhappy performance in life in the face, some will affect the next to the way of getting along with people. Indeed, people are emotional animals, affected by environmental factors, the mood is good and bad. The mood of the retail owner is good or bad, directly affect the operation of the supermarket. Just imagine, with a bad mood in the supermarket business, it will inevitably be a little bit of dispute with the customer, leaving a bad impression on the customer, the serious will cause the loss of customers.

so, the storekeeper must control the mood in the daily operation, even if the occurrence of unpleasant things, as long as a station into the counter, let’s forget the bad reception customer, shine with happiness. Only in this way can the customer be happy and satisfied. So, what is emotional management? Simply speaking, emotion management is good at self mastery, good fit modulation regulation of mood, caused by the contradictions and events in life can reduce reaction, not overdo sth. with optimism, humor, timely relieve the psychological state of tension.

, however, it’s easy to say, hard to do. Some retail owners often Tucao, they also know that a bad mood to run a business is not good, but when it comes to things that are not control their emotions…… So, how to control their emotions? Now I’m going to invite some of the retail owners to talk about their practice in their daily operations.

Heilongjiang province Harbin Daowai District retail shop owner: Zhu Yufen

a while ago, my husband and I morning had words, took an anger management in the supermarket. More than 10 in the morning, a female customer to the store to buy eggs, would like to have a plastic bag. In this case, I would give her a plastic bag and put her on the eggs. However, the day I hold a fire, the mood is not good. So, I grabbed a plastic bag peevishly, throwing in the past, the plastic bag fell to the ground.

female customers stare blankly for a moment, said: "you this is what attitude? Is that how you treat your customers?" At that moment, I was in the wrong, but the mouth is still hard to say: "I have this, you love to buy, not to love!" As a result, my girlfriend and I have no trouble to quarrel. Finally, the female Gu sang polite and threatened to go, never to my store to buy things.

in this way, because I do not control their emotions, and the customer had a quarrel, the problem is that I lost more than a customer. The quarrel some backward to the store’s customers have witnessed, also understand the antecedents and consequences, then there are customers whispering, I saw two customers turned away in my shop, went to the other side of the supermarket not far.

see, I and the customer quarrel to my shop how bad influence, the female customer and that two >

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