Five factors determine the success of entrepreneurship

many people want to start a business, but everyone is afraid of failure. So what are the factors that determine success or not? Follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

A, entrepreneurs should have enough resources.



industry access conditions: some industries have some policy protection and restriction.

With more resources

entrepreneurs do not need 100%. But at least some of the important conditions should be provided, other conditions can be obtained through the market approach. If the entrepreneur has enough financial resources, other resources can also make up for the lack of; if there is sufficient customer resources; other resources are also easy to change the lack of.

To think carefully before the start of two,

Careful thinking, repeated assessment, mature

Why, I want to start the first

Second, if I have the ability and the quality of entrepreneurs should, if you can bear the setback, whether it has a comprehensive quality, or have special skills?

What is the core resources of

Fourth, if there is enough patience and endurance of the pioneering period of consumption, estimated by the long time through the bottleneck stage, they have long time of preparation.

fifth, what business is the biggest risk, what is the worst result, whether I can bear. Do not just think of the optimistic side, the risk must have adequate psychological preparation, otherwise, a reality encounter

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