How to open dessert store prospects

dessert many people like to eat, open a dessert shop is also a good idea. So, what is the prospect of dessert store? How much does it cost to open a dessert shop? I believe a lot of people have such a question, to follow along with Xiaobian today to understand it.

How to open

chairs, bowl and spoon, kitchen utensils, raw materials, disinfection bowl and prepaid expenses such as rent to store the sum of limited funds, can act as a man, or call the parents and relatives to help. Keep in mind that this equipment can not be saved, it should be placed in the most conspicuous place, because it is necessary for health work. Customers see Xiaoduwangui, can also have a sense of security. Purchase of a full set of equipment requires about 3000 yuan.

in the total costs, rent, kitchen appliances, spending accounted for the majority, and the raw materials used for desserts are beans, sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, low price, 1000 yuan can cope with dozens of days of consumption.


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