Vegetables can also get rich entrepreneurs do not necessarily high tech

who says a business must be high-tech, or large projects such as vegetables, can also be oh. Business opportunities everywhere, you can smell. A couple of the United States on the use of vegetables has created tremendous wealth.

Earthbound Farm is the nation’s largest organic products manufacturers, the annual sales of $five hundred million, with approximately 240 thousand acres of planting base and nearly 200 farmers, more than and 100 certified organic salad, fruits and vegetables, at the same time, Earthbound Farm also has a food safety system and no one can, known in america.

at the same time, it is located in the suburbs, however it is Internet Co’s technology more advanced; in the field of management, it is not inferior to any factory, this is Earthbound Farm.

so, Earthbound Farm is how to do it?

from Earthbound Farm, chief financial officer and President of Charles Sweat to share with us.

Earthbound Farm is a young couple founded, their original purpose is to meet the food safety business of their own, did not expect the unexpected." Charles Sweat told "chief entrepreneurial officer".

romantic venture

so, what are the circumstances and opportunities, the young couple just graduated from the creation of the Earthbound Farm?

according to the "chief entrepreneurial officer", Earthbound Farm has two founder, a girl named Lu Bing (Myra Rubin); the man called Goodman (Drew Goodman), starting at that time, but two people over 20.

1983 in the summer of two, after graduating from college, went to meet the European tour, during the tour, to two in Europe on the farm to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to feel excited, but also inspired, can they use both hands to work, and earn some tuition.

said do do

two people came to the beautiful scenery of the North East California (Montery) Monterey Carmel Valley (Carmel Valley). In that area, pleasant scenery, and rich villas, luxury, and adjacent to the golf course. But the couple to no need to enjoy the scenery, but also in the rich and recommended

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