What are the features of the brand

beauty is a woman’s nature, for them, the temptation of fashion brand is great. Business venture, choose a reliable brand of women’s clothing, you can easily do a good business to make money. But entrepreneurship is not so simple to talk about the shop, the details of all aspects of care, in order to ensure success. For the lack of experience of the business, to open a brand of women’s clothing store, in the location of what tricks? To find out.

brand store location tips – whether there is popularity

good position is not absolute, but there are many common problems, such as population, traffic convenience and other activities.

According to the popular

site shop, can be roughly divided into two types: one in the downtown People are hurrying to and fro. an open mouth, people living in community. Because the former neighbor and big stores, commodity characteristics is more important, the object should find the big shop no to do. Planning such a small shop, it is necessary to do the market to do deep penetration. Opened in the downtown store, may wish to plan can cater to the young population of gastric commodity, because young people are the most love shopping. On the contrary, in the planning of products should be open shop in the resident area, it is in the category of activities, although they received by the nearest purchase.

brand store location tips – no need to meet the planning

one to choose the place in accordance with the planning content. The types of goods differences. Sales shop, the shop demand differences. Some shops for the large flow of people in the place, like the dress shop, small supermarket; but some shop opened in the desert, some suitable quiet places, like the elderly health care products store and service center etc..

two to select the spontaneous formation of a market segment. In the long run, a street will spontaneously form a "market" for the sale of certain goods, people think of the purchase of a commodity will naturally think of this street.

three to choose the space of the store. Some stores have no independent window in front of the store, naturally lose independent advertising space, also make you lose play smart marketing space in front of the store.

four should have "excuse me" consciousness. That is to say, the women’s clothing stores can be opened around the famous chain stores or strong brand stores. For example, you want to plan to eat, then you will shop opened in the "McDonald’s", "Kentucky" around. Because of these famous foreign fast food shop in the choice before have done a lot of detailed market observation, next to their shop, not only can save the test time and the spirit of the garden, but also with their brand effect, "pick up" some employers.


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