The real white collar couple highly educated white collar couples to sell Shenzhen small Liangju

couple are graduate schools, have a decent job in Shenzhen, a house and a car have a son and a daughter, the couple chose white-collar small fish sellers, his family left Shenzhen to return to Jiangcheng 1000 kilometers away in Wuhan, another life.

since last year, soaring housing prices in Shenzhen overnight, Shenzhen do not know how many millionaires achievement. Of course, most of these rich men’s wealth is concentrated in real estate – real estate. Real cash, for their own decompression, to support a little worse than the second tier provincial cities, the beginning of a new life. Maybe a lot of people want to live like this, but really want to put into action, leave Shenzhen, would you?

house after the realization of lying to make money

before the Spring Festival, Ms. Leung began to deal with the house in Shenzhen, Nanshan District, has now completed the sale. This suite is only 60 square meters, purchased in 2003. Ms. Leung is not willing to disclose how much money this set of houses sold in Shenzhen.

now a family of three has moved to Zhongshan, the new home in the vicinity of Zhongshan North Railway Station, an area of 200 square meters. According to MS Liang housing market price estimate, the house price of about 1 million 200 thousand yuan. The money holding Shenzhen house, even if the full amount paid in Zhongshan this house, Ms. Liang couple hands also left about 2000000 yuan in cash, only put in bank interest to eat, "lying" to a monthly income of nearly 10 thousand yuan. "Interest alone is enough for our family." Liang said. They will use the next about 2000000 yuan to find suitable investment projects.

Liang said she likes the life of Zhongshan, my husband and I are just 40 years old, in Shenzhen is also a job. Fortunately, many years ago to buy a house, in order to take advantage of the property market in Shenzhen after the realization of the ease of living in Zhongshan."

, after the opening of the Shenzhen railway, from my home to the center of Shenzhen will be 40 minutes, over the years accumulated in the network will not break." Ms. Liang has her own plan.


family of more than 60 years into the real degree is still not and

two children came to


small fish and her husband Mr. Gao is the Hubei person, the couple is a master, a Fudan Wu master. Back in more than a year ago, Mr. Gao is a Shenzhen securities financial analyst, every day wearing the Armani work uniform access Futian CBD high-grade office buildings, a year after tax income of 500 thousand yuan no problem.

small fish are also a work for many years in the media field, every month can also receive tax stability thousand pieces, the job is very free. In addition to salary, the couple have a good year on investment income. Two recommended

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