Pak Kee brand achievement characteristics of classic Boiled dumplings

Bai remember the brand name Boiled dumplings, Boiled dumplings look is not a Hong Kong style tea restaurant feeling, of course, for such a special project is worth investors Boiled dumplings brand to join. Business must have a look far ahead from a high plane vision, good market prospects, competitive project is particularly important. Pak Kee Boiled dumplings as Boiled dumplings industry brand, is committed to providing high-quality products for consumers, has been deeply loved by the people, is subject to numerous franchisees favor. So remember how much money Bai Boiled dumplings to join


Remember to join

Bai Boiled dumplings need how many money?


jiamengfei Bai Boiled dumplings

franchise fee: 50 thousand

management fee: 10 thousand

per year

margin: 6800 yuan


joined in support of Bai Boiled dumplings

1, Pak KEE INVESTMENT Boiled dumplings headquarters to provide brand support;

2, Pak Kee franchisees enjoy Boiled dumplings support;

3, headquarters to provide site inspection support;

4, the headquarters for Pak Kee agents to provide human resources support Boiled dumplings dumplings;

5, Pak Kee is a famous brand Boiled dumplings, and


6, Pak KEE INVESTMENT Boiled dumplings headquarters to provide absolute advantage publicity channels, let you enjoy


Pak Kee Boiled dumplings Heritage Classic, shaping the distinctive food culture, brand image of the people, the market response is good, is a good project to start to join. Only the achievement to the professional career, in today’s complex catering market, Bai remember Boiled dumplings insist on their own ideas, creating distinctive food culture, but quickly become an independent school to win market acceptance. Remember to join Bai copy the successful model, Boiled dumplings, easy to get rich.

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