Fu Luo Zhen rural electricity supplier home business model to attract young people back to busines

The loss of rural labor in China is serious

, the older generation in the homeland and love, young people are more yearning for city life. Let the rural labor form return, will be transformed to the rural construction, provide employment opportunities, attracting young people to achieve poverty alleviation development.

"my passion fruit of high quality, can sell 6 yuan 1 pounds in the market and the Internet, many sold to Guangdong is in short supply, a suitable way to find at home." Recently, picking maracuja Zhaoping County town prosperous village Lin Fu Luo Youshu smiled and I said.

2015, "by Luo Zhen rural electricity + home business to attract young people to entrepreneurship and employment, promote joint government, electricity providers, the villagers, to explore a new path for the development of remote areas, to promote rural social and economic transformation and upgrading.

the town firmly grasp the "Internet plus" development opportunities, strengthen cooperation with the county Party Organization Department Personnel Center, the implementation of entrepreneurship program, through the establishment of migrant youth entrepreneurship base, founder of the family farm cooperatives, members of the main body of the market, with the improvement of infrastructure, encourage rural development of aquaculture, support for rural youth to join the online home under the line of "economy, open up a new path for the depths of the mountains of high-quality agricultural products in town.

the town through extensive publicity, encourage and promote the majority of migrant workers, college graduates start their own businesses; the government and grass-roots party organizations to further play a leading role in promoting entrepreneurship demonstration, through the interpretation of home business; policy, payment of returning talent training materials, distributed leaflets and other forms to carry out promotional activities to encourage migrant workers entrepreneurship.

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