How to do customer service in the process of florist management

After all,

is not a daily necessities, many customers in the purchase of flowers because they do not know enough to make the right choice. At this time, as a responsible florist, naturally from the customer’s point of view, so that customers choose to really need their products. So, if you want to get a big flower development, good customer service is very important. So, how to do a good job in the process of customer service?

some customers do not know what kind of flowers they need, they often bring a problem to the florist or just stroll around. When asked in detail about the floral staff is very important. Polite, friendly inquiry can get the favor of the customer, is the first step to win customers; full understanding of customer intentions, in order to provide services to the other side. In the conversation, you can use paper to note the needs of customers, so as to facilitate memory, but also shows the importance of the customer.

in the hospitality process, there are 5 questions you need to fully understand the:

1. who uses flowers. Sales of flower products, we must take into account the use of flowers who. The old man and the child, the man and the woman, the father and the mother, the teacher and the student…… Different characteristics of flowers.

2. what kind of flowers do customers need. Occasions are different, with the characteristics of the flowers are different, ask for the use of the ability to grasp the need.

3. what is the customer demand. Why do customers buy flowers? What does the customer want to achieve? What is the quantity required? All you need to know.

some customers hurry, require faster flower, flower floral staff to arrange skilled, many people work together, as soon as possible; some customer requirements ikebana is big, but the price is cheaper, florist making use of lines to flower inserted height, with same material and filling flower material increased flower number; some high-end customer requirements, staff should be high-grade flowers floral collocation in the works, such as Anthurium, bird of paradise, dancing orchid, packaging to choose high-grade materials.


customer requirements ikebana bright, floral staff can choose red and green, red and yellow, yellow and purple, blue and orange color collocation; some customer requirements ikebana flower can do out of the ordinary, specially designed for the customer, or collocation interesting parts; some customers to seek more elegant floral arrangements. May flower pink flowers, flowers, recommended yellow pink collocation flowers or white green is yellow collocation.

in addition, be sure to ask the customer to flower taboo and hobbies. If you send your girlfriend flowers, ask, "what is your girlfriend’s favorite flower or what color you don’t like?".

4. customer spend time. Flower products have fresh features

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