The province to establish a collaborative research and correction of the four winds network system t

recently, the provincial office issued "on the collaboration Chajiu four winds issues", to further strengthen the cooperation ability of Party organizations at all levels, form a concerted efforts to curb the long effective mechanism of "four winds" problem, promote the development of style construction.

the "opinions" to seriously implement the central and provincial requirements on strengthening the building of the party, in accordance with the principle of easy work, further improve the province’s summary Chajiu four winds work methods, focusing in violation of the central provisions of the spirit and eight provincial government 21 measures and its stealth performance, variation occurred in the masses around "four winds and the problem of corruption and is not official, slow, as chaos and Yong Zheng lazy political lazy political phenomenon, clear Chajiu method, the division of tasks and working mechanism.

to strengthen the responsibility to implement the "opinions" stressed that all localities and departments of Party committees (party) were Chajiu four winds issue of collaboration departments, make clear collaboration Chajiu four winds into the main responsibility for honest government, the establishment of cooperation of the supervision and inspection personnel information database, determine the person responsible for clues four winds problem collection, statistics, supervision and inspection to ensure the timely initiation of linkage and effectiveness.

"opinion" clear discipline inspection organs at all levels should strengthen the organization and coordination, according to the principle of territorial management, timely sort out a summary of problems found clues to report to the statistical data, at the same time will be within the jurisdiction of the four winds problem clues level to transfer, and according to the graded responsibility, centralized handling principle,. The scope of jurisdiction received problems in supervision, classification of limit pin number management, major, complex, the masses of the high degree of attention of special supervision clues. Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision organs at all levels are responsible for the verification of the problem clues, dynamic sampling assessment, verification is not clear, according to the inaccurate order to review.

In order to ensure the

collaboration Chajiu four winds work mechanism to implement the "opinions" clear provincial, city state, county discipline inspection and supervision organs set up Chajiu four winds of collaboration led by the joint meeting system, every six months to convene a joint meeting of collaboration, collaboration to listen to the work of the units, exchange work the research, countermeasures. The discovery and disposal of clues into the annual clean and honest assessment of the contents of each unit of collaboration, found problems in a timely manner and valuable clues to give extra points, do not pay attention to, not active, not timely transfer of major impact, seriously investigated related to leadership responsibility. The disposal of clues to explain away, resulting in adverse social impact, the parties held responsibility at the same time, seriously investigated party committees (party) and the discipline inspection and supervision organs responsibility.


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