Xining industry and commerce to carry out the work of scrap car recycling dismantling market special

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce in the city to carry out the recycling of scrapped automobile recycling market special rectification work.

special rectification, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers focus on the existence of scrap metal recycling companies, recycling shops and auto repair factory of unlicensed illegal illegal recycling and dismantling scrapped automobiles, not according to the provisions of the state or in the scope of illegal modification of vehicles and other business activities were the focus of inspection. Check in the scrap metal recycling company of Song Village North area of Xining City, an illegal recycling and dismantling scrapped vehicles, law enforcement officers found that the company has no business procedures and relevant qualifications, on the spot seized an illegal recycling scrap cars and nearly 5 tons of scrap auto parts have been dismantled.

through special rectification, to further strengthen the recycling of scrapped cars in Xining, the dismantling of the market regulation, maintaining a normal scrap car recycling, dismantling market order.


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