Xining city north of the small and micro hotel development

comfortable living environment, kitchen furniture bedding beyond five-star hotel Goods are available in all varieties., private space and comfort, far below the five-star hotel occupancy rates, these have become a powerful weapon for the north area of lueco family apartments to attract tourists. With the arrival of the United States and Qinghai tourist season, the hotel occupancy rate reached 95%, did not expect the first time to eat crabs, even earned!" Happy guest family apartment manager Li Weixin to say. In the north of the city, more and more people like Li Wei, with the help of the government choose to start small and micro hotel. Construction and development of small and micro hotels, the city is becoming a good thing for the people of the north, do practical things for the masses to open a way to get rich in a specific move.

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family hotel residential transformation brings great benefits

in the north of the district government near a quiet residential area, is located in a six story building, which is the music family apartment. When a reporter under the leadership of a friend, the first time came to this family hotel, was immediately attracted by its warm family atmosphere, unique decoration style and clean living environment.

investment of 1 million 900 thousand yuan, with a total business area of 1800 square meters, with a small bed of music in the small passenger hotel since June officially opened in the North District of the city, the business on the unexpected hot 54. Aimed at the government policy, to run the family rental housing and hotel general manager Li Wei is happy guest family apartment, talking about his business, he is full of confidence and beam with joy. In April after the introduction of the city of Xining to support the development of small and micro Hotel views, there is a business mind of Li Wei from the policy to see the development of good prospects. So, he and his friends began to lease houses, procedures, the original unit of a residential building as a whole, turned into a family hotel renovation.

"it’s clean and cheap, and it’s very high on the internet." An interview with reporters, just meet the tourists come to Mr. yang. He said that he and his girlfriend intend to register a cozy cozy couple suite, just finished the house, the furniture are new, but also provide free broadband, telephone, only 200 yuan after the break, especially cost-effective."

tourists from Shanghai, Tang Liangzhong and his friends, nearly 20 people, has been living in the Lok family apartment for a week. "It’s comfortable and cheap, good service, but also provide Qinghai cuisine, in particular, to provide a low self driving rental and tourism guidance services." Tang Liangzhong said he and his friends are very satisfied here, ready to live until the 19 day of this month, will return to introduce more friends to Xining tourism.

Farmhouse Hotel Jin Wan Village, the new rich

July 17th, the reporter in the village of the Village Hotel Jin see: room clean and tidy, warm fitting, equipped with LCD TV, desk, computer, sofa, tea table, 24 hours of hot water supply. At the same time to provide free disposable toiletries, slippers, one guest changes bedding, towel towel etc.;

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