Xining tried to reform the government to spend money to allow third parties to assess when the refer

Where is the taxpayer’s money spent, how much money, how effective? All along, the relevant information is always from the same channel: the financial sector itself. Their own work is always difficult to convince their own evaluation. Now, some people will be the referee work to the third party.

recently, the city of East District Organization of all units, departments of financial personnel, opened a budget performance management training courses. Different from the usual learning, the training introduced a new concept – "third party evaluation mechanism". In other words, the future of any level of government spending, there must be third party referee review, so that the use of fiscal funds more scientific, reasonable, open. In this regard, Xining has also opened the attempt to introduce third party agencies to finance the performance of special funds at all levels of the curtain. This move in Xining, opened a useful attempt to fund performance management reform.

in fact, before the convening of this training, Xining municipal finance department before the date has invited the Provincial Department of finance, Qinghai University Institute of finance performance management office, Xining Municipal People’s Congress, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the audit bureau and health care, agriculture, construction and development of small and medium-sized enterprises and other departments of the 10 experts group of Xining city health the project, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises 4 project performance evaluation programs were reviewed, involving 3 billion 786 million yuan of financial funds. Review meeting, expert group through access to information, site inquiries, from the design program, set the evaluation index system of 11 aspects of comprehensive analysis, scoring, issued by the expert review comments and form the final conclusion by the expert group review. Xining city health project score the highest rated "through" development, the development of small and medium enterprises project, modern agricultural production of vegetable greenhouse construction projects, existing residential building heating metering and energy-saving projects were rated as "modified by".

in the evaluation of each project, like the "examination", fully prepared, every budget to spend what time, flowers, whether can have the reverse tracing, detailed arrangements have to stand the examiner questions. This, in the training class, the teacher is also very clear. To do so, will make the budget performance figures higher gold content, so that people feel more assured." Aman Chang, director of the center of the Eastern District centralized payment center said.

it is reported that after the end of the training course, hundreds of financial staff will continue to step up learning to apply as soon as possible. "People are not rich, is not strong or the reality of Xining, how to spend every penny on the blade, will invest more on the livelihood of the people, but also a part of the reform, the introduction of the third party evaluation mechanism, is perhaps the Xining city tour at the beginning of fiscal performance reform" deep water "in a beautiful action. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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