Provincial Financial approval issued provincial department project expenditure performance objective

The role play a pre performance target management, to further improve the budget unit self restraint mechanism, the recent 198 provincial departments of project expenditure performance objectives into performance management, together with the 2016 annual budget for synchronous approval.

  reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of finance, in our province this year included the performance management departments at the provincial level reached 85, a year-on-year increase of 32.8%; included in the project performance management sector spending increased from 94 in 2015 to 198, involving the project funds from 300 million yuan in 2015 increased to 840 million yuan in 2016. Provincial departments, accounted for 53.33% of the total project expenditure. This year, the provincial financial audit mark forward, do not meet the requirements of the performance objectives, returned to the unit to re adjust the audit can be qualified to enter the next step in the preparation of the budget.

in order to strengthen the performance of the target management, the provincial finance departments at all levels should be required to track and monitor the performance of the project, improve project management, the implementation of expenditure responsibilities, speed up the implementation of the budget. The performance evaluation of the project must be completed before the end of September, and promptly submit the performance evaluation report, implement the rectification of the problem, assessment results will serve as an important basis for the next annual project expenditure budget.


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