For the province’s people on the table safety lock

New Year’s day, the Spring Festival is the peak period of food consumption, but also food violations and food safety emergencies prone and multiple. To ensure food safety during the two, from now until February 15, 2017, the provincial government food and drug safety office and the provincial food and Drug Administration will be in accordance with the "four most stringent requirements, during the two food safety campaigns focused on further development within the province, as the province’s public security on the table" on the lock. This reporter learned from the provincial food and Drug Administration in December 16th.

It is reported that

, the action for the masses and serious harm to society and the period of two hot food, to further strengthen the food production and processing, sales, catering and other aspects of health care food supervision and inspection, in-depth investigation of hidden dangers and "unspoken rule", serious governance problems, and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility, and constantly improve the masses of food safety satisfaction. Food production and business operators to achieve 100% checks in place; found violations of the investigation and punishment in place in the 100%; the complaint report to verify the return of 100%.


campaign will be focused on the inspection of food production enterprises (including health food) to establish food safety traceability system and the implementation of the key to carry out special sampling inspection on alcohol, meat, grain, spices, flour products, bean products, aquatic products, candy, yogurt and other key food and niangpi local food, severely punished illegal production and processing of food "black factory, black workshop, black dens". Focus on remediation of food production areas, urban high, agricultural and pastoral areas in the bazaars, city community, tourist attractions and stations in key areas such as food production and operation order, focus on the regulation of food services, family reunion dinner, the dinner on New Year’s Eve wedding, dining zone, schools (including nurseries canteen), tourist attractions and the surrounding catering service unit small food, agriculture and animal husbandry, Kellogg, collective dining distribution, during the holiday season to prevent the occurrence of collective food poisoning events.


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