13 countries folk art bloom Xining District three counties four

The old man

passionate South African dance, chorus, a beautiful girl as "ga"…… In August 9th, north of the city of Xining District Rural interest farming culture square, sunning Plaza, leisure square, West District Economic and Technological Development Zone East District of Qinghai Grand Theatre, applause, joy like the sea, Chinese and foreign artists will be colorful folk art "moved" to the residents of the home.

since the tenth Chinese International Folk Art Festival officially opened the curtain, the beginning of August 9th, together from five continents in 13 countries and more than 260 artists in the folk art troupe artists group began touring in the city of Xining, a field full of exotic performances to four districts and three counties, so that the people of Xining enjoy a wonderful cultural feast.

it is understood that the art festival, the main performance of the arts group to the national folk dance, music based, highlighting the national, folk characteristics and festive festive features. The show form includes theatre and theatre square performances, with national art troupe performances boutique mainly embodies the specifications and levels of festival performances; to display their art features, reflect the folk and mass art festival.

in addition to the performance of foreign artists, the festival also set up a platform for understanding and learning skills between Chinese and foreign artists. Group Art Museum Xiyanghong Art Troupe in Xining City, Xining City Art Gallery Yongfang Art Troupe, gold leaf art group, the children’s Palace "colorful tomorrow" chorus in folk art team can also through this platform to show great beauty of Qinghai folk art, publicity of Qinghai Tibet Plateau the unique charm of the cultural landscape and cultural.


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