City Disease Control a strong guard against ADS

AIDS, a so many people dreaded word shunned, while the city center for disease prevention and control staff, but the long-term fight in the "AIDS" line, playing an important role in disease prevention and control, health guard people, build a solid defense against AIDS and continue to move to "zero" the goal of aids. The center was founded in 1983, assume the jurisdiction of disease prevention and control, public health emergencies disposal, immunization programs, health monitoring and testing, health education and other functions and responsibilities. In recent years, the attention and leadership of the municipal government and the district government, the center of mass propaganda, epidemic monitoring, high-risk behavior intervention and HIV care and assistance has done a lot of work, AIDS prevention and control work has achieved good results. 2009 was named the national demonstration area, in 2010 was named the province’s advanced collective work of AIDS prevention and control, in 2012 was recommended as the national advanced group of AIDS prevention and control work. On the occasion of the twenty-fifth World AIDS Day, the reporter walked into the center, witnessed the work of AIDS prevention staff bit by bit.

late into the entertainment frequently caused misunderstanding

, in addition to homosexuality, miss is another kind of high-risk groups, how to go deep into their internal publicity AIDS prevention, which is a problem." A member of the center for high-risk behavior intervention team told reporters that, because of this, they often approached the sex workers crowd for their STD, AIDS prevention and control of knowledge.

"your wife is not diverted to dissolute, I saw her old in some places of entertainment." The initial work, many female members of her husband often heard some groundless talk first, "the other half" really do not understand, but in their persuasion, enlightened "the other half" finally impressed by their dedication to work, learn to smile to explain her friend, wife is to do propaganda promote the use of condoms.

these players are the youngest 30 years old, the oldest of the age of 42. Have a wife, mother because they can often go home late at night, not to take care of the children, attend to family, but also to endure a lot of don’t understand. They have sour, sweet, bitter, hot in my heart, no matter how busy night, as long as there is a phone call, they will patiently answer questions, if necessary, they will need help to these high-risk groups in the first time around. So they give love to the cause of love, silently dedication love.

and HIV infected people become intimate friends

"Hello, Yang Jie! This is the steamed bread made by ourselves!" AIDS patients (a pseudonym) will be a bag full of steamed bread to the center of the hands of the staff, and the central staff smiled and took the bag of steamed bread.

center staff told reporters;

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