Continue to promote the reform of the supply side of the province on the regulation of industrial gr

reporter learned from the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission learned that from 1 to July, the province continued to promote the supply side structural reforms, above scale industries grew 7.5%, 1.5 percentage points higher than the national growth rate, ranking fourteenth in the country, the five northwestern provinces of first, the growth rate of better than expected. At the same time, the state-owned enterprise reform key tasks in an orderly manner, state-owned economy to achieve profitability.

this year, our province launched a comprehensive industrial system of supply side structural reform "project 1513" and "4322" industrial engineering, technological innovation and steady implementation of the work, capacity to work has been completed 70% of the annual target, cost reduction play a combination of boxing.

start the implementation of the hundred innovation tackling and hundred transformation and upgrading project, as of now, 100 innovative projects to tackle the task of turning back to work for the 78, the transformation of the project of the 100 enterprises to restart the work of the project 82. New materials, Saline Lake chemical industry, biological industry investment grew 58%, respectively, 94% and 44%. As of the end of 7, the province achieved a total of 16 scientific and technological achievements and more than 50 patents, the new application and acceptance of 10 invention patents.

to promote the "Internet plus" industrial integration of innovation and development, support 50 key two integration project, Xining special steel Refco Group Ltd and other 7 enterprises included in the national integration of the two management system standards implementation pilot enterprises. Built the country’s first Tibetan electronic product assembly line, cloud Tibetan search engine formally launched, the application of information technology projects and information technology to accelerate the integration of. As of the end of 7, the province completed a total investment of 6 billion 190 million yuan of information consumption, an increase of 8.7%; the scale of information consumption of $14 billion 830 million, an increase of 7.7%; electronic information manufacturing and software industry revenue of $3 billion 680 million.

capacity to achieve substantive results, 3 sets of steel smelting furnace, to the group of 90 thousand tons of coal production capacity has been shut down, 629 people staffing, to complete the annual resettlement plan 70.8%. Through the implementation of tax relief and electricity, transportation, gas, finance and other policy measures, from 1 to July in our province to reduce the cost of the company for $2 billion 610 million, the scale of industrial added value of energy consumption fell by 7.5%.

in addition, the implementation of quality and efficiency of state-owned enterprises to improve the project, support for enterprise reform and project adjustment. 1 to July, the province of the total assets of the company invested 415 billion 920 million yuan of $18, an increase of 8.8%; total operating income of $56 billion 640 million, an increase of 43.9%. Since the first quarter of 7 at the end of the year to achieve profitability, profit of 1 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 175%. 7 at the end of the state-owned capital contribution rate of 100.8%.


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