Most of the province to restore the smooth flow of a small number of roads and snow

December 13th, the province once again snow weather, to bring pressure on the roads around. In the efforts of the local traffic control departments, at present, in addition to a small number of road snow, most of the road to restore smooth.

Haidong: 109 State Road unimpeded

two consecutive days of snowfall, Haidong areas within the territory of some sections of the snow and ice. In the efforts of the local traffic control department, as of 13 am, at the time of the 109 State Road in the territory of the territory of the smooth flow of 14. In addition, Longhua to Xunhua highway 202 line unimpeded; people and waves of Tang Shan Gu Shan Road, heavy snow, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County police traffic sent to the past, passenger and cargo vehicles to install anti-skid chains. Affected by the snow, the people and to the official section of the road there is still snow icing, bus lines have not yet been restored access; Beijing Tibet high speed, safe to the high speed has been restored.

by the snow, sun Ning Shanxi direction of the road snow, traffic slow; willow ditch tunnel mouth road icing, has contacted the coordination of highway maintenance departments gritter, snowmelt deicing, vehicle traffic is slow.

the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Ulam County, Ulam County, in addition to Dulan temple road with snow, other sections of normal. Snow sections have been associated with the relevant departments to take the method of throwing snow melt agent to ensure road safety. Qaidam area south of stone, East Gate River, West to the Yuqia snow, the police have been sent to patrol the normal road traffic; Delingha tea area high speed, high speed little snow, the police have been sent to patrol the normal road traffic. ;

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