Ding Junlin after graduating from college he marched up on the road of entrepreneurship

each person’s life will not be smooth sailing, twists and turns inevitable. He lives in an ordinary rural single family, the father of high school when he was ill died, in order to support his studies and life of the family, brother and sister go out to work, but the hardships of life did not defeat him, after graduating from college, he marched up on the road of entrepreneurship, and has achieved initial success.

2007, born from a poor family, naturally optimistic Ding Junlin admitted to the Anhui University of Technology. Report that day, he only took 2000 yuan to buy bedding sheets and some simple supplies, leaving less than $300. He is very careful in reckoning, only eat in the school canteen of the special offer food, monthly living expenses to 100 yuan.

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