China’s emerging industries to achieve more than 30% rapid growth

reporter learned from the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, last year, the province’s industrial and information systems successfully completed the main objectives and tasks of the year, the continuous optimization of the industrial structure. From January to November last year, the province’s 4 billion yuan of industrial clusters to accelerate the development of new energy, new materials, manufacturing has maintained more than 30% growth.

facing the complicated and grim economic situation, industrial economy of our province to withstand pressure, steady progress. Last year 1 to November the province’s industrial growth of 7.6%, the growth rate for 8 consecutive months ranked northwest first, to achieve a "good start" in 13th Five-Year. More importantly, the supply side structural reform, investment led a series of measures to adjust the structure of our province, actively cultivate four billion dollar industry, optimize the industrial structure, new energy, new materials and manufacturing industry to maintain more than 30% growth. The first three quarters of last year, the province’s light industry accounted for 18.6%, 2 percentage points increase, the equipment industry accounted for 5.92%, an increase of 1.5 percentage points, the high technology industry accounted for 6.3%, an increase of 0.8 percentage points, high energy industry accounted for 0.3 percentage points lower than 63.2%.

driven by innovation and emerging industries, our province has made "high altitude high pressure foil formation technology", "battery special electrolytic copper foil technology research and industrialization and other 25 scientific and technological achievements and patents, making" lithium battery separator with high purity ultrafine alumina and 15 technical standards and product standards. Breakthrough in the key technology of efficient polycrystalline silicon solar cell production "," 850V ultra high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor with foil manufacturing technology to fill the gaps. The traditional industries have realized "aluminum electrolytic cell anode optimization research and application", "ultrasonic low water dyeing technology industrialization" 22 key technological breakthroughs and industrial applications, "the black Chinese wolfberry processing characteristics and industry research and development", "waste residue comprehensive utilization of boric acid and 18 scientific and technological achievements and patents, electrolytic current efficiency, power consumption per ton aluminium and emission reduction targets to reach the domestic advanced level, Hua Shuo ferroalloy ferroalloy industry, energy consumption and emissions reached a low in our province.


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