Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs Li Liguo stressed in full play in the role of civil affair

9 month 7 days to 8 days, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo has arrived in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Xining City, agricultural and pastoral areas of support services, research difficulties of the old government purchase of home-based care services, Rural happiness hospital operation and system reform, community residents autonomy, cultivate social organization of public service and other work, visit condolences difficult for the elderly, sent condolences to them, and deep into the rural community, face to listen to the local civil affairs workers and village (neighborhood) people’s opinions and suggestions. On the afternoon of September 8th, Li Liguo, Minister and Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, governor Hao Peng attended the joint meeting of the Ministry of deepening cooperation in the province of.

Li Liguo first arrived in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous County Republican Qia Bu Qia Zhen Qia Bu Qia Zhen, inspected the Civil Affairs Office staff to listen to the difficulties of the masses to apply for assistance, support and other civil service difficulties the elderly innovation work. In Qia Bu Qia town public service hall, understand the support and service process, see the old generation file, asked the home business case. And came to the Qia Bu Qia Zhen GA Si Cun, Tibet, gyala, GA is a plus at home, visit condolences difficulties of the old generation. Li Liguo carefully asked the old man body life and support services, cordial exchanges with them and sent condolences to Kim, wishing them health and longevity, old age, and asked the people to do the old generation service.

in the International Village East District Public Service Center, Li Liguo for a detailed understanding of the social assistance of an acceptance, collaboration for mechanism construction, field view of community women and children home, party activity center multi-purpose hall, rehearsal hall, red for a long time Zhang Guohua volunteer training studio, dawn of public assistance center, painting and calligraphy, and community workers forum. In the community Pension Service Center (sea public service Limited by Share Ltd), understand the standard mode of operation are public service system and U of my wisdom pension service, and the sea public government to undertake the purchase of home-based care services work, observe the cloud service center and U intelligent interactive large screen, and with the government purchase pension service the old man made video communication. In the village of Shanxi elderly happy homes, the field view of the chess room, rehabilitation room, and watch the old people’s wonderful folk art performances, carefully check the relevant facilities, the relevant person in charge told to continue to enhance the level of service.

Li Liguo affirmed the achievements of Qinghai’s civil affairs work. He stressed that the economic development in the new situation, we should pay more attention to the accuracy of the basic livelihood guarantee, precious capital resources used really need help the most needy people in advance; the innovation of social governance, should pay attention to the social autonomy and service function; in advancing civil service facilities, should pay attention to to strengthen the scientific planning and management services; in the implementation of relevant policies and measures, should focus on strengthening the capacity building. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out the tasks of provincial cooperation, improve the cooperation mechanism between the Ministry and the province, give full play to the role of the civil administration, and optimize the functions of social services.

during the Qing, governor Hao Peng accompanied by research, the Provincial Standing Committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao, deputy governor Kuang Yong, accompanied by the participation of the relevant activities of Yang Fengchun.


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