Huangzhong County preschool education development steadily

in recent years, our county to increase efforts to adjust the layout of the school, to increase investment in pre-school education, strengthen the construction of teaching staff, earnestly implement the action plan for pre-school education for three years, effectively solve the preschool "kindergarten crunch", basically reached the level of popularity of preschool education.

– to build a diversified development pattern . establish a diversified concept of education, while strengthening the construction of public kindergartens, collective office, private kindergarten in land approval, financing loans and other aspects of support. The county each villages and towns to build the town central kindergarten and more reasonable layout of the rural kindergarten, forming a nursery for public demonstrations, Township Center kindergarten as the backbone, collective, private kindergarten and preschool education diversified pattern of teaching point for supplement. Currently, the county has 17 public kindergartens, collective run, private kindergarten 36.

steadily push forward the construction of the project. 2012 in our county continue to increase investment in pre-school education, invest 37 million 740 thousand yuan of new rouchard Zhuang long Doba of Zhenkang, Sichuan kindergarten 11, after the completion of the county’s kindergarten will reach 64; strive for 3 million 700 thousand yuan investment in the construction of preschool education go teach point 73, effectively solve the problem of preschool education, kindergarten crunch.

to strengthen the construction of teaching staff. has repeatedly invited well-known experts to the county to preschool education preschool education training seminars on the preschool teachers, principals and teachers send kindergarten to outside the province to watch the exchange of learning, and strive to improve the quality and level of preschool teachers. In 2012 the county recruit 133 volunteers to preschool, kindergarten teachers of the county reached 734, which accounted for 10.9% of undergraduate education, secondary education accounted for 82.9%; with the qualification of kindergarten teachers 226 preschool teachers, preschool education teachers qualification qualification rate is 46.7%.

standard preschool education management system. founded the Huangzhong Institute of education, preschool education, preschool education research group, preschool education management center and other institutions, establish and improve the teaching quality monitoring system of preschool education supervision system, strengthen supervision and management, from all aspects of teaching, conservation, accommodation, safety and so on, through the assessment, the annual assessment and classification and quantitative evaluation "green kindergarten", rural demonstrative kindergarten to create such measures, regulate the kindergarten management, improve teaching quality.





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