Loving care of earnest exhortations heart rush ahead

– the National People’s Congress of our province to implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping

newspaper correspondent Luo Xue Yun

Juncai Haihu Tibetan

care push ahead, earnest exhortations to keep in mind.

3 10 morning, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech at the meeting of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress to participate in the four session of the National People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress in caused a warm response. We have said that we must force Lu concentric, forge ahead, the general secretary of Qinghai care and expectation into a lively practice, the next be enthusiastic and press on entrepreneurship.

ensure that a river of water to the east of

meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the protection of the ecological environment construction, must establish the overall concept, long-term view, the overall concept, insist on the protection of priority, adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protect the environment, protect the ecological environment as the protection of the eyes, treat the ecological environment like life, promote the formation and development of green way of life. To do a good job in Sanjiang Chinese source pilot national park system, promote the overall development of ecological engineering, energy conservation, environmental remediation, beautiful rural construction, build a strong national ecological security barrier, make Qinghai a beautiful China beautiful name card.

representatives of the province, said Qinghai’s greatest value in the ecological, the biggest responsibility in the ecological, the greatest potential is also in the ecological. To protect the Sanjiang source, to protect the "Chinese water tower", to ensure that a river of water to the East, Qinghai is a major responsibility and duty can not tolerate any mistakes.

in recent years, the provincial government to adhere to conservation priorities, natural restoration based, in depth to promote the two source of Sanjiang, Qilian Mountains ecological protection construction, comprehensive management of Qinghai Lake and other major ecological protection projects." National People’s Congress said that we will further strengthen the main responsibility of the city and county governments to promote the management and management team, scientific research base construction, effectively consolidate and expand the results of ecological protection and construction.

2015 December, the province launched a comprehensive source of Sanjiang national park system pilot work. National People’s Congress, said Wang Yuhu, general secretary asked to promote the situation of the source of Sanjiang National Park pilot system. To protect the ecological environment of Sanjiang, is a relationship between the ages to come the event, we must be in accordance with the requirements of the general secretary, shoulder the historical responsibility.

work together to win the fight against poverty

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed in the consideration of

, "13th Five-Year" is a period of poverty alleviation kenyinggutou, rattling period, must be determined to make efforts to speed up, to progress together to win the battle of poverty.

delegates said, Qinghai large poverty area, deep poverty, poverty causes complex, poverty and ethnic, ecological problems are intertwined, must put poverty alleviation as a top priority and the first livelihood projects, insist the goal, hard work, give the province the power to win this tough battle.

National People’s Congress Han Yongdong said, "12th Five-Year" Haidong hydropower in poor areas;

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