Qinghai nternational Convention and Exhibition Center

from September 30th to October 6th, evening news show in the South Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center staged wonderful. The first day of the show, the reporter saw at the exhibition hall, exhibition hall in style, beauty not only let the audience see the scene, the preferential broadcasting also let people feel that "truly affordable eleven" show.

car dealers to push this year’s most fierce discount

on this show, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Volvo and other luxury cars are popular with young people Goods are available in all varieties., love the Coupe models, are also popular with middle-aged people of the city SUV. Reporters saw a lot of people take advantage of the show come to choose a car, in the Cadillac Pavilion, surnamed Chen is a detailed understanding of the performance of SRX car and several times, sitting in the car feel internal space. Chen told reporters that he had seen this car for a long time, that is, in the eleven auto show on the other, this time on a straight down 60 thousand yuan, very favorable. Cadillac sales manager said on the show, they launched the most preferential prices this year, "the show is not so favorable price."

luxury car price, domestic independent research and development of vehicle offers many, reporters in nouchi, Kai Chen and other domestic auto show in the area to see, exhibitors not only carry its entire series appeared together, have also launched straight down 30 thousand yuan in cash, cash straight down 10 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan to send the value of decorating spree such concessions, attracted many people looking to buy a car. Beijing Hyundai, Ford, Buick and other car brands also have a lot of concessions, many companies have said: this show offers more than 51 auto show, will be the last year is also the biggest discount."

new models competing debut auto show

auto show opening day, Roewe will bring long ago at the Chengdu auto show listed "stunning blue core strategy first A-class car Roewe 360. The car was unveiled, it ushered in the crowd of many young people. A car is the young man told reporters, the car price is very high, not only the intelligent vehicle system, and low fuel consumption, eye-catching appearance, very suitable for 80, 90 new small family". Jac also launched a new listing in August 27th according to the general agent of Jianghuai refine S2, Qinghai general manager Chen Min introduction, this SUV listed only one month, very good sales performance in the country, this is the first appearance in the Qinghai area, I believe there will be a good "open door red".


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