The first year the construction of large traffic surprises

– Qinghai highway mileage exceeded 3000 kilometers – about 19 kilometers west of Kunlun this year will be changed from the line – 13th Five-Year traffic target: 200 billion smooth road

2016 is the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan at the beginning of the year, the traffic support construction is particularly important, I clear in 2016 will invest 38 billion yuan to accelerate the national highway in Qinghai road construction and local highway construction, through the "throat", to form a comprehensive transportation system to smooth the outreach, interoperability.

with the first year of traffic construction goal clear, our province "13th Five-Year" traffic construction blueprint extends to start building a new highway: 1000 km, 4700 km of highway construction, to achieve a variety of modes of transport "zero transfer"…… Strive to 2020 basically completed more safe and convenient, smooth and efficient, green intelligent modern integrated transport system, to provide strong support and protection for the province and the national synchronized well-off society; speeding up the field of transportation construction projects, to 2020 transportation investment in fixed assets 200 billion yuan or more, the main index close to the national average. This is the reporter from the province’s transportation work conference held in January 13th to understand.

highway mileage breakthrough 3000 km

today from the provincial capital of Xining, drove to the 7 cities around the State Highway accessible, more and more arranged in a crisscross pattern let people feel the convenience and modern transportation system of travel of the tall". All this thanks to the "12th Five-Year" period, the province’s highway traffic in the quantity and quality of a substantial increase.

highway course to break through 3000 km, which is the beginning of 12th Five-Year, one of the objectives identified in the province’s transportation construction. In five years, in Qinghai’s vast plateau land, transportation to refresh a record, a picture and a picture depicting a bright and colorful picture of epoch, transportation construction goal completed, laying a new foundation for traffic development on a new journey.


12th Five-Year" period, the province completed transportation investment in fixed assets 110 billion 900 million yuan, compared with 11th Five-Year doubled, the province’s highway mileage reached 75 thousand and 600 kilometers, is "11th Five-Year" at the end of 13 thousand km.

– Xining high-speed road radiation surrounding the main skeleton formed the highway (inclusive) mileage exceeded 3000 kilometers, reaching 3123 kilometers, has been basically formed in the center of Xining, connecting the 7 city state, the main framework of the highway east of the surrounding radiation and the western region, built Xining West transit, Xining Beltway south, to the Republic of tea card highway. Two and above the highway mileage of up to 10116 km, the basic realization of the adjacent city state road between the three roads connected, the county through the highway two, inter provincial channel to further expand, the province of Netcom and accessibility level effectively improve.

– the rural highway mileage of 60017 kilometers "plateau beautiful countryside",;

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