The real effective protection but also the people of the sky

In March 14th, 18 days, 27 days, April 2nd, municipal Party committee, Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the municipal supervision office, city administrative law enforcement bureau, the Municipal Economic Commission and other departments responsible person, went to the demolition site, Shen Zhai Haizigou centralized coal trading market location, the train station in change the project site, Xining Hanison Oil Sales Co. Ltd., Chengzhong District mill village, on-site supervision and inspection of air pollution remediation work.

in March 14th, the 18 day inspection, according to Shenyang village demolition site in the demolition and sediment transport process leading to the dust pollution problem, Ma Haiying asked relevant departments to take timely measures, pay close attention to the details of demolition work, demolition of civilization and civilization layun, where do the demolition, the city’s health standards on the implementation of where. Aiming at the existing problems of Datong Fujian Green Casting Co. Ltd. the production safety requirements, city and county environmental protection departments to take immediate measures, in strict accordance with national environmental standards to stop production for rectification, the rectification requirements and the qualified acceptance of environmental protection departments put into production in the rectification period, for non-compliance with no hope of rectification or rectification of the enterprises will be shut down ban.

in March 27th April 2nd, the inspection, according to China Railway fifteen bureau is responsible for the train station comprehensive renovation project, road watering frequency, cleaning is not timely issues, Ma Haiying stressed, should focus on key projects to support, but can not reduce the standard of the key project, the lead department to effectively play the coordinating role, to further clarify their respective responsibilities. The responsibility of the relevant units to supervise the implementation of dust control measures, the law enforcement departments determined in accordance with the standards, and resolutely shut down non-compliance. In mutual Road, some muck muck Truck Escape checkpoint, night madness leakage phenomenon, Ma Haiying urged law enforcement authorities to increase supervision, take flexible flow with a fixed mode of inspection, violations of the sediment transport vehicles strict penalties. In Shenyang village demolition site, the mill village city area small enterprises remediation site, Ma Haiying, to further enrich and perfect the grid pollution control measures, give full play to the power of grassroots organizations in the pollution control work, to achieve early discovery, early reporting, early stop, early treatment.

Ma Haiying recently pointed out that through the joint efforts of the whole city, compared with the same period last year in March, the environmental monitoring data have improved, fully shows that the municipal government tackling pollution measures have taken effect. But to achieve the provincial government, the municipal Party committee, municipal government pollution control objectives, the task is still arduous, all localities and departments must establish a pollution control protracted war consciousness, and further strengthen the responsibility, based on summarizing the experience on the stage of tackling pollution, innovation, real, and early results, but also the people of a blue sky. One to defend against. Key areas of pollution control, key projects, key enterprises, key vehicles to take effective measures to promote the implementation of supervision, so that pollution does not stay dead, to ensure full coverage. Two to implement the responsibility. Municipal Supervision Bureau to follow up in a timely manner, do not focus on the implementation of pollution control work, do not implement the people, strictly investigate the effectiveness. Municipal Office of the atmosphere, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other leading departments should conscientiously sum up the experience of the city’s pollution problems prevalent in the presence of in-depth research on the basis of;

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