Provincial Consumers Association issued a consumer warning let the rational consumption to accompany

The National Day holiday, to guide consumers to more scientific, safe and healthy travel, Qinghai province Consumers Association to remind consumers, the National Day in a relaxed mood and happy to play at the same time, we must have a sense of safety, let the consumer with the national day of the journey carefully to eat live line.

during the National Day holiday, the station of scenic spots, people flow, the provincial consumer association to remind consumers to travel in their property and custody in take good care of the elderly and children, safety, arrange travel during the "food, shelter". To understand the quality of travel agents, travel agencies have to view the "travel agency business license", "business license" and "outbound tourism business license" and other relevant certificates, choose full license and good reputation of the travel agency. The selected travel agencies, travel agencies will be required to travel by means of transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping times standard, the rights and obligations of both parties and liability for breach of contract and dispute resolution methods consumers clearly recorded in the text of the contract. In case of ambiguity or equivocation, if necessary, it shall be indicated in the supplementary text of the contract. The cost of travel, must ask the other party to issue a formal invoice or service certificate. At the same time, we should pay attention to the preservation of travel agency invoices, attractions tickets, travel shopping invoices and other consumer vouchers. In particular, the travel agency on the way to change the contents of the contract without the cost, but also to get the invoice, so as to provide evidence for complaints in the event of a dispute.

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