Thousands of people living on the north side of low cost housing

in order to solve the housing difficulties of the masses of the problem, the north of the city invested 46 million 500 thousand yuan, will start the construction of public rental housing, affordable housing, a total of 194 square meters, an area of over 11300 square meters, benefiting thousands of difficult masses.

in the north area of Minxin Garden District, the reporter saw just moved into low rent houses of the old Cao Hongshan, according to the elderly, he rented 10 square meters of the small house, rely on subsistence allowances and pick up garbage scrape. Two years ago, in the community, the town government departments to help, he finally lived on a set of 50 square meters of low-cost housing. Room doors and windows, sanitary ware, kitchen facilities, such as readily available, central heating, gas supply, closed-circuit television and other facilities one-time access, only 8 yuan a month rent. Can live in such a warm house, the old man is very satisfied. The day before, he is on a monthly 300 yuan low gold and clean up wages, coupled with government subsidies, the small day was enjoyable.

like Cao Hongshan old man, a lot of difficulties in the north of the city from 2011 onwards began to live in low-cost housing. According to the City District Construction Bureau of the person in charge, at present, the existing North poor families more than 4020 households, including low-income households without housing households more than 620 households, low rent housing demand, in order to alleviate the pressure of housing, Chengbei District invested 46 million 500 thousand yuan, construction of public rental, purchase to rent affordable housing. At present, the 37 sets of low rent housing and 84 sets of municipal low rent housing allocation work successfully completed, which solve the low-income families and the "two do not rely on" the housing needs of the population has played a positive role. (author: Fang Xufan born building)

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