first_imgA total of four witnesses took the stand in the presence of Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry when the voir dire (trial within a trial) continued on Wednesday at the Demerara Assizes.The four individuals gave their recollection of what they knew as it related to Cyon “Picture Boy” Collier, who is accused of murdering two brothers – Ray Walcott, also known as “Sugar”; and his younger brother Carl Andrews, al known as “Alo” in Victoria, on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD), on September 21, 2006.Deputy Director of the Prisons Gladwin Samuels gave his testimony as it related to his former position as Superintendent at the Georgetown Prison in the year 2006.Patricia Anderson also took to the stand, relating what she knew from the perspective of her capacity in 2006 as a Medic at the Georgetown prison.The accused was also called to the stand.In addition to the three witnesses in the voir dire trial, Sherwin Maxwell was called for the second time to testify. Maxwell recalled what he had witnessed on that fateful night. He relayed to the jury that he was with a group of friends playing dominoes when a man rode up to the game on a motorcycle.He went on to state that he did not see the man’s face but knew who he was because he entered the yard of which they were playing dominoes in front of.Maxwell informed the jury that he had been playing for Banks beer and everyone at the table would have consumed two or three beers each at the time.Maxwell also stated that he had been living at the same Lot 42 Victoria Housing Scheme address since 2006 to present and was never contacted by the Police prior to his two previous appearances.Collier is accused of murdering the two brothers in Victoria Village, ECD on September 23, 2006. Reports are that a group of young men were playing dominoes at the Victoria four-corner, ECD, when the two brothers, were allegedly shot by the accused who rode up on a motorcycle.last_img

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