Smooth traffic engineering Xining bus priority to ease travel difficult

in order to effectively alleviate the current problems existing masses travel difficult problem, Xining city public transport priority, to guide the public to choose bus travel as the main way of construction, the smooth implementation of traffic engineering projects, to create a good traffic environment.

Xining city to give priority to the development of public transport as an important measure to alleviate people’s quality of life, improve traffic congestion, a positive declaration of national transit city pilot city, strive for more support for public traffic planning, construction, operation and management etc.. Efforts to promote the construction of public transport infrastructure and intelligent systems, in order to enhance the attractiveness of bus travel, ease urban traffic congestion. Smooth traffic project started in recent years, the implementation of 96 projects, investment 1 billion 435 million yuan, built 30 pedestrian bridges, 1 bridges, 2 Road, 4 underground parking lot, 4, the implementation of the road isolation center 41 kilometers, delimit markings of 200 thousand square meters, opened 3 off ". Currently vigorously promote the construction of the 5 passenger hub project, by setting up a bus back to the center of the city in the region, to solve the problem caused by the bus line is too long to wait for the bus operation is difficult, time-consuming, and so on. Invested nearly 300 million yuan, the overall update completed 31 bus lines, bus total number of vehicles up to 1846, the newly opened 38 Road, 39 road two bus lines, 5 road, 29 road adjustment, line 1 road and 17 bus lines to facilitate the New District, the lake district and the industrial park travel.

at the same time, Xining city standard operation management, to carry out occupation education training, supervision and public transport enterprises in strict accordance with the approved linesflight density and regulate the operation, take the line inspections and other means to strengthen the vehicle operating state management, enhance the quality of public transport services; in the district town government, street (community) to set up public bus travel service demands acceptance, timely processing of the problem of the masses; the illegal operation acts vigorously against the "black car". At the end of August, a total of 1165 cases of illegal processing of all kinds, which seized the illegal operation of vehicles 404 times, handling 704 cases of illegal taxi, class line vehicle violation since 19, other 38 cases of illegal.

city departments by adding a checkpoint in key sections to increase efforts to deal with the taxi and other illegal acts, traffic enterprises through the GPS management platform will send timely taxi queue filling and air supply to the taxi driver for the gas station, gas to provide convenient, make more capacity into operation, ensure the passenger flow peak passenger travel convenient. (author: Pan Ling)

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