Xining city will focus on the more than 2 thousand enterprises calcium

recently, reporters from Xining city "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities leading group office learned that since July this year, since the Xining city to carry out "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, after investigation, has identified more than 2 thousand key enterprises to help. At the end of September to the end of October, Xining city will be in accordance with the investigation stage to understand the enterprise financing, land use is difficult, difficult, difficult to support the six major common problems, the focus should be to solve.

it is understood that in the "help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities, the leading group composed by industry park, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, financial services, five special working group, from August 1st onwards in helping enterprises to carry out the work. An investigation for more than a month after more than one thousand staff, Xining city to determine the first aid of 2248 enterprises, of which 653 industrial enterprises, all kinds of agricultural and animal husbandry cooperatives, characteristics of aquaculture enterprises 1026, three production services businesses 569.

for the six common problems in investigation by the end of September to the end of October, Xining city will be based on different situations involving enterprises, study and put forward measures and methods to solve the problems, the main responsibility, and gradually solve. On individual issues, will each register, timely tracking and solving. Six common problems in the capital, Xining City, will be based on the door to implement corporate assets, financial status, which will meet the conditions of the loan business and the Financial Times Group, by the financial group to promotion and guarantee agencies, financial institutions and small loan companies, tracking and coordination, pay close attention to the implementation of. To meet the loan conditions of the enterprise, industry register, special training by the competent departments of the relevant business district, and gradually achieve the bank loan conditions. Construction land, Xining city will be stable, but for some development in urgent need of construction land to expand production enterprises, actively coordinate the industrial park and the county government as soon as possible; the business of land use rights, help enterprises to clear land property rights within the scope of planning, of which high growth enterprises in an enterprise a policy way to help solve the construction land, while speeding up the district and county three County Industrial Park construction, to solve the contradiction in land use.

at the same time, for many companies, the lack of talent has become the development of "yingshang". To this end, Xining will organize a variety of forms of small and micro enterprise financial management and business management training, and gradually solve the problem of small and micro enterprises financial and management personnel. To further expand the talent website construction and employment website information coverage, strengthen employment and personnel training for small and micro enterprises to provide recruitment and employment services. In addition, according to the basic facilities, market development, corporate governance environment three big problems, Xining city will be solved one by one comb, water, electricity, road facilities inadequate, the county government will be resolved on the part of industrial enterprises, especially the underemployment, sluggish market, falling prices and other issues, Xining Province will cooperate with Economic Commission and other departments, to take the price subsidies and other measures to encourage and support key enterprises to maintain production and stable development. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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