To benefit the people of Qinghai in the fruits of civilization

– the province’s spiritual civilization construction work conference held in Wang Jianjun, attended and addressed by Gio de Maja, Xining provincial civilized city honor


meeting commended the national moral model title winner Zhang Guilan and the national moral model nomination award winner as well as the province’s spiritual civilization advanced collective and advanced workers. Xining city was awarded the title of provincial civilized city, this is the second time the city won the award.

Wang Jianjun on behalf of the provincial government and the Provincial Committee of civilization, to the recognition of the civilized city, civilized village, civilized industry, civilized unit, advanced workers expressed warm congratulations and pay tribute to the moral model, to express my heartfelt gratitude to support and actively participate in the construction of spiritual civilization of the community and the majority of cadres and the masses.

Wang Jianjun stressed the need to further enhance the sense of mission. All localities and departments should strengthen the importance of the construction of spiritual civilization of a profound understanding of the new situation, firmly grasp the fundamental task of spiritual civilization construction, to achieve the "two consolidation" as the spiritual civilization construction of the foothold and focus, and comprehensively promote the construction of spiritual civilization work. To further strengthen the centripetal force. To thoroughly implement the party’s eighteen, twelve provincial Party Congress spirit, carry out Chinese socialism and "Chinese dream" publicity and education activities, according to the national actual area, strengthen guidance and management ideology, make contribution incentive cadres and the masses for national unity, social development and people’s well-being and the reunification of the motherland. To further enhance the moral quality of citizens. Always carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, strengthen the construction of socialist ideology and morality as an important strategic task to strengthen social morality, occupation morality, family virtue and individual moral education, improving citizens’ moral quality, the formation of knowledge honor, righteousness, dedication and harmony of the society in the whole society. To further shape the good image of civilization Qinghai. Civilized Qinghai construction activities and the province in 12th Five-Year during the economic and social development is closely linked, is an important starting point to promote the construction of the "three zones", to actively innovate the form of activities, focusing on practical results. To allow the majority of urban and rural residents to share the fruits of development in the process of building civilization. To further promote the comprehensive management of social environment, civilized traffic action plan and other key projects, with the effectiveness of the inspection work, in order to achieve tangible benefits to the people.


reporter also from the meeting was informed that in order to fully demonstrate the achievements of spiritual civilization to create activities in our province, to further mobilize the whole society to participate in the enthusiasm of the establishment of the Provincial Committee of civilization: awarded to Xining city in 16 cities, city, county, provincial civilized city (City, county and county-level city);

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