Xining City District village community two committees general work started

October 9th, the city of Xining City District in 2014 held the village community two committees general election meeting mobilization and business backbone special training work, started the village community two committees general election.

the central village community two committees general elections from October to December, has three characteristics: Standard election procedures grasp. The establishment of general work leading group, issued a special general flow chart, district and village (community) two committees general work leading group set up specifically to deploy officers of 2 steering group, the 1 mission of towns (street) in each stage of work in progress tracking supervision, timely understanding of the new situation and new problems in general the election work, guidance to the town (street) rectification and rectification. And the participants on the election of the relevant documents, laws and regulations, work processes and other related business knowledge training. Do not sticking to formalities. To encourage outstanding incumbent village cadres, rural rich hotshot, college-graduate village official and demobilized soldiers actively run, and actively guide and support the outstanding college-graduate village official in the village committee election. The main qualification for the candidates in the clear, broaden the candidate recommendation scope, optimize team structure and other aspects, in strict accordance with the municipal Party committee proposed the "five, thirteen do not choose" policy, determine the standard of selection and appointment of the community; "two committees" candidates based on the previous written examination and interview on the increase of work practice, and will be an important basis for practice such as the identification of candidates. Adhere to the prevention first, the full implementation of the street, the town Party committee and the candidates collective conversation system. Discipline and supervision. Carefully received letters and visits of the masses, to appear in the general election canvassing bribery, secret operations, to disrupt the election law and discipline violations, and severely punish. The implementation of the county level leadership, leadership village, community, quality, progress, and effect of the "two packs of Three Guarantees" responsibility system, truly achieve the "sunshine general election, harmonious" objective.


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