Xining teachers’ day to visit teachers to visit condolences

In the twenty-eighth teachers’ day, four team leaders Wang Haihong, Gao Yumei, Tong Wang, Zhang Ying since September 8th, went to visit condolences to my city serving and retired teachers to send their festival greetings and warm, entrust the relevant departments to take better care of the city wide in-service and retired teachers, and wish for Xining education a better tomorrow to give love and wisdom to the teachers.

September 9th, accompanied by Wang Haihong, the person in charge of education and other departments, has to visit and condolences to the tiger Taiwan old retired high school principal Guo Changyou and Xining teachers Ma Rongfang, send them flowers and condolences to kim. See Wang Haihong personally come to visit her, Guo Changyou said excitedly: "the change of education in Xining in recent years the turn the world upside down cannot do without the municipal government attaches great importance to the whole society, cannot do without the care and support…… Xining evening news and the City Board of Education recently carried out concerned about the education of the public, a good community, good business and the masses are satisfied with the school selection activities, the whole society is concerned about the vivid portrayal of Xining education support." Wang Haihong in a cordial conversation with Guo Changyou, asked in detail about his retirement life is not good, what are the difficulties and needs of life…… When I heard that after the retirement of Guo Changyou has been in Xining education play the heat, Wang Haihong very touched, I hope in the future more old school education for Xining scientific development suggestions, contribute, and entrusted the education departments and schools often invite retired teachers and principals look back to school with them, the experience and wisdom of education in Xining.

in the "Xining famous" home of Ma Rongfang, Wang Haihong heard the teacher Ma dozens of years as one day take the time to study the research results has won the national, provincial and municipal honors, even said several "not easy", he immediately suggested that the education department will Ma Rongfang teacher teach research first piloted in individual schools if the effect is good, it can be popularized in the city school…… See Wang Haihong for an ordinary teacher’s teaching and research results so valued, teacher Ma Rongfang excitedly said a string of "thank you". (by boat)


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