Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park was named the first national demonstration Logistics Park title

7 8, held in Hunan, Changsha, the National Logistics Park Annual Meeting on the work, Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park was awarded the first batch of national demonstration logistics park, the title of the 2016.

national demonstration Logistics Park evaluation work by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction organization, Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing specific assessment, through data reporting, data audit, expert review process, a comprehensive evaluation of the park management, infrastructure, service capabilities, operational efficiency the park features, and successful experience and future development, demonstration and popularization value and other indicators. After a rigorous review and layers of screening, the first batch of 29 national level demonstration logistics park, northwest Shaanxi International Air Logistics Port and Qinghai Chaoyang Logistics Park selected, Qinghai Chaoyang Logistics Park ranked eleventh.

at present, there are 1210 types of logistics park, including the completion of the operation of the 857, in the construction of the 240, planning to build the 113. According to the notice of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of housing and urban logistics park "on the demonstration work" (the change in trade 2015 No. 1115) requirements, to 2020, the national assessment of national logistics park demonstration batches will be about 100 advanced infrastructure and operational efficiency significantly, outstanding social contribution.

Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park in the 857 logistics park operation in talent shows itself first appeared in the "national model, logistics park, the park is not only for many years development and construction work as well, but also will inspire and spur Park further play to its own advantages and demonstration leading role, for the implementation of the national strategy and The Belt and Road" make new contributions to promote the province’s economic construction.


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