The train pulled out of the Xining landmark to celebrate the eighteen to see the new changes of Xi

development potential means competitiveness in the future. Since the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of Xining, which is a symbol of integrity and pragmatic innovation, has sounded the clarion call for the people of Xining to move forward and march towards a new journey. Chengdong district as Xining’s east gate, closely around the eastern region to become the future development of the new landmark of Xining positioning, innovative ideas, seize the opportunity to take a big step forward in the development of the region. The party’s eighteen big east district will be held soon, "Suntech, harmony, strong, progressive" philosophy, in the district four team under the leadership of standing on a new starting point, realize the development process from "walk" to "run", has become an important driving engine of Xining and the province. Today, this newspaper will launch a series of reports "celebrate the eighteen – to see the new changes of the" endeavor "Xining East", look at this piece of the city is to rise from different angles.

the train pulled out of the Xining landmark: "to celebrate the eighteen – to see the new changes of Xining" endeavor "Eastern" series of

time will prove that the development potential of the eastern imagination. The province’s largest municipal infrastructure projects – Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project is the potential of this, the most representative aspect.

in the early morning of November 4th, the Xining Railway Station in the cold wind of the scene of a comprehensive transformation of a busy, layer by layer of scaffolding, continuous operation of transport vehicles, sweat wet neck workers…… Once bustling into visible, tangible power for the future accumulation of energy. And these energies, through a train, so that the eastern side of the plateau into a set of tourism, trade, services in one of the new landmark in Xining.

as per the city train station is the most prosperous of the lot, although comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station also need two years to complete, but the station around the popular gathering more and more high-rise buildings, points up the line, even the shops, facilities of the District, has become the focus of attention.

in the east district party secretary Xue Jianhua, led by the mayor of the District, such as the leadership of the East, the development of change for all to see for the. With the promotion of this Huimin project, the Eastern District of the commercial structure has also undergone tremendous changes. To the north, the road area along the star hotels, upscale restaurants, supermarkets and the summer Goods are available in all varieties. Jianguo Road, East Road intersection of grade previews of high-end residential area scale. To the East, mutual road has become a set of small commodities wholesale and retail, logistics and transport, cargo warehousing as one of the "Industrial Road", and alongside Bayi Road, Kunlun road from "core" in the core region. To the north, Beishan rock after a period of governance, Manshan Lam, Xining has become the "oxygen bar", which is located on the theme park and the surrounding features farmhouse became a good place for recreation. To the west, East Street, xiadou Avenue, East Road 71 is connected with the urban area, the bustling street by street extension.

not only that, the Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project also opened the eastern concept framework". Only a short while ago, Hamlet, Fu Jiazhai, rhyme ieguchi etc. are regarded as remote areas, now with a number of resettlement area and the west;

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