Xining health should not be just a slogan

clarion, drums reminder journey. Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government stand in the development for the people, create Huimin height, put forward at the beginning of September this year to declare a national health city, the city of our comprehensive strength and overall quality considerations have been put in front of.

created the National Health City, is the municipal government to comply with the law, city development in line with the wishes of the people of the world to prove the practice in recent years, the news is a process that the appearance of the city of Xining and people’s life has been significantly improved in the process of. The environment becomes beautiful, the air is fresh, travel more convenient…… Chuangwei results are infiltrated into people’s lives every little bit, the people of Xining to bring tangible benefits from the health of personal feelings. In recent years, a group of flash, so we Chuangwei work towards that goal a step forward. The 10 national health city to declare eligibility criteria, the city has 7 standards, which results not only embodies the huge investment of the municipal government, also gathered the masses of hard work and sweat, if the city is Chuangwei self renew and perfect, then the masses is the city context the blood, because the people of the City Chuangwei work Our wills unite like a fortress., has been standing at a new starting point, it should be said that the results in people’s news source.

now has entered the crucial stage of Chuangwei work to tackle tough, along the way is difficult, stressful, but "everyone firewood high flame", as the master of the city, the public is always the direct responsibility Chuangwei work, if every citizen to do something, then the power of the city’s many littles make a mickle.. About 2000000 people brought together, will seize the new victory Chuangwei work? Choose the moment, Xining is my home, news on all ", it should not be just a slogan, but should be the actual action of the people of the city. Let us join hands and work together to meet the new challenges of Chuangwei work with more high morale than ever, with our hands to make Xining more beautiful, to make our life better!

how far are we from the national health city?

Since the

City Chuangwei work, not only put a lot of financial and material resources, the city also paid a lot of effort and sweat, has achieved initial results, the National Health City Chuangwei work, the goal of how far are we from?

7 indicators to meet the eligibility criteria threshold

one is the urban garbage harmless treatment rate of 93.7%. Two is the Xining patriotic health management regulations was promulgated and implemented in May 26, 2006. Three annual API index of the number of days accounted for 100 of the proportion of the number of days has reached 81.40%. Four is not a major food safety incidents in recent years. Five is nearly two years without a, B Class infectious disease outbreak. Six urban sewage centralized treatment rate of 62%. Seven is to build urban tobacco advertising has been cleared.


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