Xining City the ten major theme parks in Hehuang proverb Park Park opened its doors today

In October 1st, the city’s ten largest theme park of Hehuang park officially opened its doors. But the park opened without firecrackers to help out, not only invited me and add to the fun, green medal and ordinary citizens as the first garden invited guests, are all in "quiet". This is a concrete manifestation of the city forestry bureau proposed to strictly implement the central and provincial, city, close to the masses, change the style, strict requirements.

Hehuang proverb park a total area of 14.8 hectares, is located in the City District of South District, adjacent to the West Long Highway and planning of Riverside Road, west of the East in the gardener bridge, Tsing Lung Bridge, about 1800 meters long, 150 meters wide north-south, the narrowest 50 meters, a total investment of 20 million 730 thousand yuan. The park is the Qaidam Hehuang proverb Park, Chaoyang Park, green park Begonia theme park after the completion of the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government and construction of another major landscaping works and public works.

park to show "Proverbs Hehuang culture" as the theme, choose a positive Hehuang proverbs, with carved columns, landscape lamp, landscape wall and various other pieces of landscape is the carrier and means to display, promote Hehuang culture, inheriting the predecessors of wisdom, is an ornamental park on the waterfront recreation and culture inheritance, leisure sports, entertainment in one of the hydrophilic. To further enrich the connotation of the culture and education, cultural education to broaden the channels, in 2013, the city forestry bureau in Hehuang park attractions and investment in the construction of the cultural construction of clean government culture as the theme to the 5, one in the Huangshui River on the west side of the park in the side of philosophy, for the king walls, carved on the wall in this plant, Mei orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum (four gentleman) and plant Chan Yu, not with another; as of one’s deportment, is the Huangshui River Park on the eastern side of the original text to colloquial discourse within the discourse of low-cost wind, by carving clean culture about calligraphy and painting in a landscape wall, three mark and stone to reflect the low language theme, vivid will clean culture into landscape, teach in scene, let visitors in leisure, recreation, fitness, and play, can accept the culture. (author: Xiao Yan)


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