Xining railway to increase security efforts to ensure the safety of Spring Festival

The spring after the surge in passenger traffic Xining train station, in view of this situation, Xining Railway Public Security Department security detachment timely to increase passenger car security check risk efforts, resolutely blocking of dangerous goods in the car outside the station, to ensure passenger train operation and safety of life and property.

since January 26th officially launched the Spring Festival, all the police officers of Xining Railway Police Department security detachment with full enthusiasm into spring 40 days battle. In the process of security investigation, the security detachment of all police officers to seriously implement the security post inspection system. All positions strictly enforce operating standards, prevent inflammable and explosive, knives, sharp or blunt other dangerous goods into the station. In the process of checking the security crisis, the police on duty and security team strict inspection, strengthen the hand inspection, the goods can not be identified strictly open package inspection, and resolutely put an end to missing, leakage phenomenon. As of February 7th, the Xining Railway Public Security Department security detachment for the passenger delivery security manual, police contact cards, for theft, fraud prevention, anti robbery and other promotional materials more than 30000 copies, to solve practical difficulties more than 5000 passengers, seized more than and 200 dangerous goods, for the safety of passengers travel escort.

the screening process, security personnel action norms, the language of civilization, not as a mere formality, not a mere formality. At the same time, strengthen supervision and inspection efforts of the police station security check safety work, so that a clear mandate to people, accountability to the people, posts in place, to maximize the efficiency of safety inspection dangerous work, provide a safe and comfortable environment for passengers to travel.  

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