Tax revenue management in Xining city to promote tax revenue growth

this year, the city of Xining IRS to take effective measures to strengthen the management of tax sources to promote tax revenue growth.

in order to strengthen tax administration, and promote revenue growth, the State Tax Bureau of Xining City area to strengthen the management of key tax sources, the implementation of information management, professional, timely grasp the basic information of enterprises and production management situation and dynamic situation, ensure that the key sources of management and tax service in place; the implementation of tax system analysis, through data analysis, found the problem, the formation of the management mechanism of tax assessment for problems.

at the same time, they vigorously carry out within the jurisdiction of family tax inspection, daily inspection and special inspection work; good communication with relevant departments, the sources of household register management system to build three-dimensional collaborative business; cadres training work, improve the comprehensive quality of the tax administrator; do the tax assessment before data analysis, find out the reasons of tax changes.

also established, Chengzhong District IRS and perfect the corporate income tax ledger, make final settlement of the publicity and guidance, tax declaration, assessment and inspection work; strengthen the establishment of classification management, classification management system, promote the steady growth of tax revenue by management.


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