first_img Sharing is caring! 176 Views   6 comments A young Dominican woman who set and accomplished her goal of obtaining a doctorate in psychology at the age of thirty sought to motivate young ladies to set goals for themselves and create their own paths.Shani Shillingford graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a PhD in Clinical and Educational Psychology in December, 2011 spoke on the topic “Journey to Excellence” at a Girls Symposium on Thursday.Dr. Shani Shillingford.She admonished the attendees of the need to chose a career path that they enjoy doing.“The first thing you need to do is set a goal for yourself; what do you want to do, what do you see yourself spending the rest of your life doing? Set a goal to do something that you like, something that you love, something that you enjoy doing.”Shillingford explained when she decided to become a psychologist she was bombarded with questions from many persons who wondered why she chose that field as they did not even know what it was about however, she created her own path.“You have to create your own path. The idea of psychologist is Dr Benjamin and the psychiatric unit, no one knew about the other aspects of psychology and I heard that question over and over again; what is psychology but I created my own path.”“I did it my way”, she said encouraging them to do likewise for; “not everyone can be an accountant, lawyer or doctor choose your path, chose what you want to do”.Shillingford also sought to caution them that the path they may chose will not be void of challenges and obstacles but advised, using the lyrics of Jamaican reggae artist Buju Banton,“many see the glamour, many see the glitter but no one knows how hard it is”.“There were days when I really wanted to give up and wondered why did I leave my beautiful Dominica, why am I in the snow, why am I in this place? No food to eat, no means to pay the bills,” Shillingford said in providing her examples of a trying journey.She cautioned further; there will be days when “you’ll be walking around like a zombie; three, four days you haven’t slept because you’ve been up studying for hours for days and there are days when you’ll feel like giving up packing up your bags and going; it’s not an easy path”.Shillingford also addressed the issue of financing which for her was by no means easy.“I spent the first year working three jobs, going from one job to another working midnight to three and trying to study, trying to find a way to pay that tuition bill” she said, “it’s not an easy road but if you persevere, if you keep at it you can achieve your goals”.According to Shillingford, one must also be “flexible; find other options, find other avenues and do what you have to do but most importantly, never give up”.She told the young ladies that they should “always remember that one day things must get better”, to surround themselves with good company, “friends that will encourage you, friends who will stand by you, friends who will help you cry, friends who will motivate you to do what you have to do”.“If you have a friend who is leading you astray; get rid of that friend” she warned, and remember that “nothing is impossible”.Shillingford concluded; “nothing is impossible no matter where you come from, no matter what obstacles may come in your way, no matter what side of the road you may take; remember that nothing is impossible”.Dominica Vibes News Share Tweetcenter_img LocalNews Set goals for yourself and create your own path by: – March 9, 2012 Share Sharelast_img

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